Love is free. It has no price.
It's given away with no expectation of anything in return.
Anything but this is not real love.

Love has no limits, no restrictions, no price to view.
Love cannot be collected, but instead shared and experienced.

Love (2022), through its simplicity raises questions about how art should be distributed and displayed.

WORD presents this piece (1/3+AP), in partnership with Not For Sale Gallery, as a conceptual application of the latest of his code based art.
There is an internal battery life of 12 hours.

Anyone is permitted to take the original artwork away with them, should they so choose.
The only condition is that the piece should play a part in public life wherever it resides.

You can think of this as an 'un-smart contract'.

As curators, Not For Sale Gallery exhibited this piece next to the Robert Indiana 'Imperial Love' (1966-1971) sculpture at London Frieze art fair on 11/11/22, 0800,
showing a continuation of the moral positivity of art and its power to transcend boundary, question convention and remove limitations.

(Shader Programming to video file, Computer Screen, Media Player in acrylic case).

If you missed out on picking up the artwork, there are 77 prints available.
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